Welcome friends!

Welcome to my very first blog.  I have three amazing children and have just sent the baby off to college.  It is time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.  While I learn about blogging, I hope to share with YOU my passion for cooking.  I like my food to be fresh with ingredients I can pronounce.  I love the smell of a meal cooking and the warmth of the kitchen while it is being prepared.

I had to feed all types of eaters in my home.  My husband was the meat and potato man.  My youngest daughter decided to be a vegetarian in the third grade. My son is “the end” and eats anything without a single complaint.  My oldest daughter, Jillian, is my partner on this adventure.  She joined me in the kitchen daily to roll cookie dough or just chat at the breakfast counter.  I am very proud to say each of my children know their way around the kitchen and could cook a meal you would talk about often.

With all of those different appetites, I had to be creative! I am a working mom, so time management is important.  The first place a child learns about nutrition is in the home.  Wrap that all up and you will see how meal prep and home cooking kept everyone happy and healthy.

I hope to inspire that same love of cooking and share some of my favorite creations.  Come along with me and enjoy the journey!



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