Healthy Living – Snowshoeing

I live in central new york with brutal winters.  Often during the cold winter months I love being a couch slug… snuggling up under the blankets with a cup of tea.  However, I encourage you to find a way to enjoy the outdoors during these winter months.  On this 5 degree snowy winter day we decided to try snowshoeing.  It was so much fun!  Although it was cold, the sun was shining and as we began walking we warmed up very quickly!


The snow shoes were provided by a local state park for a $5/day rental fee.  Easy to use and rent snowshoes!


We packed a bag with a snack, water, trail map, and our camera and set out on an adventure.  The dog loved running around and exploring.


We loved adventuring!  Who else thinks these remind you of the children’s movie Fern Gully?


For five dollars we were able to soak in some sunshine and vitamin D.  As well as, spend some quality time together as newly weds.


Boys will be boys 🙂 They checked out every hole and stump along the way.


And always remember if you fall, just smile for the camera 🙂


So check out your local parks and give snow shoeing a try!  It is a wonderful way to add a bit of cardio into your life, but you will be having so much fun you won’t even know it.




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