Mason Jar Salads

Salads AND Snack Prep

Salad AND Snack Prep

I am often asked about my mason jar salads.  Do they really last?  Yes!  My salads often last as long as 10 days. How do you make them?  Well….here is this weeks version.

Variety, variety, variety.

Variety, variety, variety.

Be sure to choose plenty of color and crunch.  I use romaine lettuce and spinach.  Iceburg and premix lettuce do not seem to hold up as well.

diced veggies

Celery is one of my favorite salad toppings.  Hard, crunchy veggies go in the jar FIRST.  I dice vegetables for the salads and layer them as I go.  While I am cutting, I also julienne vegetables for my snack.  Making the most of meal prep is what it is all about!

crunch add ins

Make it yummy with plenty of favor!

Time for lettuce

I use several size Ball mason jars.  I prefer the wide mouth jars.  It makes them easy to fill and easy to dump.  I meal prep for all different eaters.  I LOVE a big salad for lunch.  I can easily eat a quart jar.  My daughter likes the pint size jar.  I pack my husband a pint and a half because he needs the dressing packed with each salad.  I usually have at least 1/3 of the jar filled with toppings before I get to the lettuce.  I add cleaned, chopped romaine followed by spinach and topped off with alfalfa sprouts.

salad tip

A recycled fruit cup container fits perfectly on the top of a wide mouth jar.  I use these with the pint and a half jars.  You can add salad dressing, cheese, meats, beans, croutons, or any variety of items you do not want mixed with the vegetables until you are ready to eat your salad.

Use your julienne vegetables to pack a snack.  I portion out hummus for dipping my vegetables.  I like to eat this after lunch or while making dinner.  It keeps me from snacking on something unhealthy while the smell of dinner cooking fills the air!

add a protein

If you are eating your salad as a meal, don’t forget the protein!  I often grill on Sunday to get ready for the week.  I portion and freeze for grab and go meals.  I often have many items to choose from, portioned and ready to go in the freezer.  Grilled chicken, ground taco turkey, vegetarian taco salad, and sliced beef are favorites.  This week I chose hard boiled eggs with black beans and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash sun dried tomato and basil.  I will top the salad with some fresh salsa.


I would love to hear your salad combinations, tips and tricks!


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  1. Nance' says:

    I love your website. I’m a little nervous about a new adventure (eating plan) my doctor is going to put me on to detox my system. But, I knew I could count on your site to give me ideas. Thank you so much! One thing I would like to ask you is……do you have any Paleo and/or gluten free salad dressing recipes you could share. Thanks

    • TheCleanCooks says:

      Nance’, I am so glad that we are able to assist you! That is our entire mission, sharing our recipes to help others. I do have a few great recipes for salad dressing I use often. I will put together a post for you soon!! Thank you so much for the feedback. Also, if there is anything thing else you may need please feel free to leave a message or private email us at we would be glad to help anytime.

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