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Copper loves a The Clean Cooks photo shoot!

Copper loves a The Clean Cooks photo shoot!

It is with great excitement that The Clean Cooks announce a collaboration with BiteSizedFitness! Our passion to help others with a healthy lifestyle was clearly a perfect fit with BiteSizedFitness.  She has graciously invited us to work with her on a project that is an important component to success in your fitness journey.

If you have ever thought about meal prep and were looking for an awesome guide to get you started, head over to the BiteSizedFitness web page and pick up a copy of Deliciously Clean Meal Prep!  It has over 70 pages that take you step by step through the meal prep process.  It also includes over 40 recipes in The Clean Cooks FULL of flavor style.

Jillian and I bring our lunches to busy work places everyday.  We have had countless compliments on our tasty meals and organization.  So began the journey we started to help others achieve meal prep goals.  We have tried to get a well rounded approach to healthy eating and have compiled our best for our followers.

It is at this time that we have many, many people to thank!  Without our families, none of this would be possible.  Countless hours of recipe testing and blogging have been invested in our passion.  They have been our guinea pigs for taste testing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  They have listened, built us up, and even talked us off the ledge when we were getting a little stressed.

Next would be our friends and coworkers that we use to bounce ideas around.  Their encouragement is an important component to our success.  They have been our cheerleaders on the path that has us in this very exciting moment.  Sometimes they get even more excited about our blog and recipes than we do!

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Alyse and her team at BiteSizedFitness.  She could see our passion and believed in us.  We have been members of her BiteSizedArmy since before the idea of blogging was ever on our horizon.  We are honored to be learning from her experience and knowledge.


With sincere appreciation,

Jillian and Michelle

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