December Healthy Living

December is the perfect month to cozy up with a hot cup of tea!  Which is why our December Healthy Living addition is a trip all about tea!

Our favorite tea: Oolong and Forget Me Not

We visited Finger Lakes Tea Company, which is a tea experience to say the least.  Located in the beautiful Finger Lake region of New York, this is the perfect trip for anyone who loves tea.  The Lin Family come from a region in China known for their tea.  Here in Ithaca, New York they have planted over 55,000 tea plants from tea seeds imported from their home, as well as, 1,500 pear-apple trees. They also import premium tea to their store from China.  At their store you are able to enjoy a meal, sample teas, and purchase tea cups and other gifts.

Red, Black, White, Green, Oolong and Ripe teas. Plus over 30 types of flower teas.

We stepped up to the tea bar to try tea samplers of red, black, oolong, and ripe teas with flower combinations.  The Lin family educated us on different types and combinations of teas, as well as, the best way to prepare tea.

Enjoying all of the tea pots while our tea steeped.

We encourage you to try a cups of tea this holiday season, as well as, enjoy the company of your loved ones with a new healthy experience.

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